The N230-1425A converts an input analogue signal into a digital signal and calculates it, offering high-speed performance. The N230-1425A communicates with a PC using a USB interface.
The N230-1425A can be built into the pulse generator N210-1026E.

Input methodSingle end input / 2ch
Input range (Voltage)±2.5V
Input impedance10kΩ
Input range (Frequency)DC - 12.5MHz (-3dB)
AD conversion resolution14bit
AD conversion speed40ns - 1.3µs
Sampling clockExternal / Internal & 1/(2n×m) n=0 to 7, m=1 to 256
(Controls by software)
Triger inputExternal / Internal (Controls by software)
Triger conditionSoftware triger, TTL rising, TTL falling
Buffer memory volume512k words
Average number65,536
Size (Housing case)320(W)x132.5(H)x350(D) (mm)
Power supplyAC85 - 264V 50/60Hz Less than 30VA