The N120-1026T is suitable for systems that need various pulse sequences, such as NMR, ESR, and supersonic measurment.
Pulse conditions are set with TCP/IP. The N120-1026T can configure the sutomatic measurement system with external control software. The same commands as the Pulse generator N210-1026S can control the N120-1026T.

■Set in the TCP/IP (5025 port)
■LAN connection
■Output ports:16 (Expandable to 32)
■The available commands made by our GP-IB pulser(N210-1026S)

Output ports16 (Expandable to 32)
Output levelTTL
Internal clock40MHz
Each pulse width100ns - 1s
Each pulse interval100ns - 36,000s
Repeat & pause time1ms - 36,000s
Each pulse resolution25ns
Output connectorBNC-FEMALE (Expansion 16CH: Multi-core connector)
Phase synchronization input10MHz±0.1MHz /0dBm
External trigger inputTTL rising edge detection, Minimum pulse width of 1µs or more
Command controlTCP/IP No.5025 port
Power supplyAC100V - 220V 50/60Hz 1φ Less than 10VA
Shape19 inches rack case (EIA 1U)
Size480(W)x44(H)x250(D) (mm)
Outline drawing (PDF) Japanese manual (HTML)