This is a double heterodyne receiver with low noise and large-signal gain designed for NMR measurement.
It is possible to use it through wideband without adjusting.

Frequency range1MHz - 400MHz
Input/Output connectorBNC-FEMALE
1'st LO input level+13dBm
1'st LO input frequency1881MHz - 2280MHz (Reception frequency +1880MHz)
2'nd LO input level+13dBm (When 2'nd OSC is not built in)
2'nd LO input frequency1810MHz (When 2'nd OSC is not built in)
10MHz input level+7dBm
QPSK A/B input levelTTL
Gate input levelTTL (Pos)
Tx output level0dBm or more
Detected outputDC - 1MHz
±2.5V high imp. (Both of SIN and COS)
Each of two outputs (Front/Rear panel)
Gain control95dB / 1dB step
Pushbutton switch on front panel
AMP: 16dB*5 / ATT: 1, 2, 4, 8dB
REF phase shifterAdjustment by Potentiometer on front panel
Continuousness more than 360deg
OffsetAdjustment by Potentiometer on front panel
(Both of SIN and COS)
Video filter100Hz - 1MHz
SizeW480xH199xD450 (mm)
Power supplyAC100V 50/60Hz Less than 1A
WeightLess than 12kg
* Built possible 1'st and 2'nd local osscilator.