The impedance analyzer is designed for adjusting an NMR probe. Impedance matching conditions can be confirmed on a PC with the included software. Automatic measurement can also be possible owing to a built-in coaxial relay.
This device can be designed with wide range AC power input so that it is usable in any country.

■Line up in the combination of the frequency range / output level
■RS-232C connection
■Reflection measurement of the S11 port
■Dedicated software included

Frequency range1M - 250MHz1M - 500MHz
Mesurement port output level0dBm0dBm/-30dBm0dBm
Mesurement channel1CH
Mesurement parametersReflection measurement of the S11 port
Frequency setting resolution1kHz
Mesurement point1601 points
Output connectorN-FEMALE
Baud rate115.2kbps
Data output formatReturn loss for each frequency,
The output of the impedance value by the R+jX(Ω) or VSWR
Monitoring facilityThe exclusive software which indicates a measured result attaches to a PC screen
Coaxial relay control terminalOutputs a control signal impedance measurement mode switching coaxial relay and NMR measurement mode
Power supplyAC100V - 220V 50/60Hz 1φ Less than 200VA
ShapeDesktop case
Size260(W)x88(H)x280(D) (mm)