The linear time invariant system is characterized by impulse response. If an input signal is periodic and its output signal is convolved with white noise, the N030-1014B can improve S/N by using the periodic signal synchronized with the input signal.
In the delay time Td set based on the external trigger signal ①, the N030-1014B generates the gate pulse ③ whose time width is set at Tw. Analog signals ② only within Tw charge the capacitor (integrator) with a certain time constant and its voltage is maintained until the next gate pulse srrives.
Gate pulse are continuously generated within the scan time ⑤. The integrated voltage ④ can be directly observed on an analog meter.

Analog inputDC - 1MHz ±10Vmax/1MΩ
Input sensitivity10V,1V,0.1V Range switching
Offset adjustment±1V (max)
Analog output±1V/1kΩ
Trigger inputTo determine the timing gate at TTL rising edge
Gate outputTTL 50Ω drive allowed
Integration time constant0.1ms - 100s (±20%)
Gate delay time1µs - 10ms (±10%)
Gate time width1µs - 999s
Power supplyAC100V 50/60Hz Less than 1A