The N210-1026S is suitable for systems that need various pulse sequences, such as NMR, ESR, and supersonic mesurement.
Pulse conditions are set with GP-IB. Set conditions such as pulse sequences and output channnels can be easily confirmed on the LCD color display(640*480) installed on the front panel.

■Ideal for a wide variety of timing measurement in the measurement
■Output ports: 16 ports
■Output level: TTL
■Internal clock: 40MHz
■External trigger: 10MHz TTL
■Setting minimum pulse width: 0.1µs
■Pulse setting resolution: 100ns
■Can generate extreme duty ratio pulse independently to each CH
  (Example: Pulse width of the 1.1µs with 24hour period)
■Possible to check the monitor to set pulse train of each CH
■GPIB control
■Low price
■Size JIS: 482(W)x149(H)x450(D) (mm)
    EIA: 482(W)x177(H)x450(D) (mm)
■Weight: 8.2kg
■Power supply: AC85 - 264V 50/60Hz Less than 30VA

Setting screen (Double pulse output) Setting screen (16CH outputs)