MAGSIGHT novice
This appliance is nuclear magnetic resonance equipment for proton signal observations in the solution. Ferrite magnet is adopted and it can be used easily. It's assumed to be used for the education which are student experiments mainly.
Please prepare Oscilloscope for observations, PC, Sample for observations (test tube) by yourself.

■NMR spectrometer with ferrite magnet
■Proton resonance frequency: About 2.5 MHz
■It's recommended as teaching materials of NMR theory learning.

(An iron plate for magnetic field correction is included)
Ferrite magnet φ120mm x t40mm, 1pair counter layout
nuclide to be observe¹H
Resonance frequencyAbout 2.5MHz (♯1)
Magnetic field homogeneityT₂*>2 - 3ms (♯2)
temperature characteristic of magnetic flux densityAbout -0.2%/℃
Signal detection systemSingle coil
Test tube diameterφ3mm
Setting possible pulse number1 - 20
Pulse widthSingle/Double Pulse mode:
0.01ms - 100.00ms (0.01ms step)
Multiple Pulse mode:
0.1µs - 999.9µs (0.1µs step)
0.1ms - 100.0ms (0.1ms step)
Pulse phase0° - 360° (1° step)
Repeat waiting time0.01s - 100.00s (0.01s step)
Maximum duty ratio5%
Transmission power0.01W - 1W (10dBm - 30dBm)
Receiver gain20dB - 60dB (Minimum 1dB step)
Receiver LPF1kHz, 2kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz, 30kHz, 40kHz, 50kHz,
60kHz, 70kHz, 80kHz, 90kHz, 100KHz (Switching)
Output signalAfter phase detection SIN/COS (±1V、high imp.)
Analog signal in front of the reception AD con. (±1V, 50Ω)
Transmission monitor signal (50Ω, coupling -40dB)
Trigger outputTX TRIG, RX TRIG, TX GATE (3 selects)
Input/Output connectorBNC-Female
Power supplyAC100V±0%, AC200V±10% 50/60Hz (Switching)
Consumption currentLess than 1A
Size200(W)x170(H)x295.5(D) (mm)
WeightAbout 10kg
OS to which accessory software correspondsWindows7, Windows8, Windows10
(♯1) There is ill-balance caused by the individual difference in the ferrite magnet.
(♯2) Tested by our standard sample (copper sulfate aqueous solution) ¹H FID signal.