The RF Amplifier is characterized by its amplified signal frequency and power output.
THAMWAY has designed and manufactured RF Amplifiers for utilizing RF energy in various industrial fields. Such applications require basic requirements of high power, low distortion, stability, and robust durability to handle any possible load conditions. THAMWAY has been developing its proprietary RF high power amplifier technology for nearly three decades, and our company is the leader of this market.
The figure below shows our RF Amplifiers according to their frequency bands. The power output ranges form 1W(30dBm) to 200kW(83dBm/Pulse). The frequency bands of products with a blue circle indicates that the frequency band is within the corresponding range and not simply the single frequency value.
THAMWAY tailors its RF Amplifiers to your specific frequency and the power output needs. Please contact us with your specifications.

■Post Amplifier
THAMWAY has developed post amplifiers that amplify generated signals. They are very reliable and will not malfunction under the assumed load conditions. The amplifiers are all solid state and maintenance-free products for maximum reliability.
The products also have type (B) modules for embedding into a larger system. This type is compact and requires little space, and is easy to handle.

■Small-signal Amplifier
Signals of a power output of 20dBm (100mW) or less are considered small signals at THAMWAY. Amplifiers with power output of 100mW or less are classified as small-signal amplifiers.
The frequency bandwidth, I/O impedance, connector shape and size, etc. will all be incorporated into the product design and manufactured according to customer's specifications. It becomes wideband generally at 100mW or less and becomes narrowband when approaching 1W.

■Wideband RF Amplifier for High Field Generation
This product is a wideband amplifier developed for EMC test equipment that needs high electric field strength. Because of the adoption of solid state technology, running costs can be significantly lower compared to vacuum tubes. We propose not only the RF amplifier but also accompanying equipment.