■RF Power Generator   R series   13.56/27.12/40.68/60.00MHz
R series consists of a RF Power Generator unit, manual impedance matching box and connection metal fittings.
RF Power Generator includes the oscillator, a power supply unit and the RF amplifier unit.
Impedance matching box is the impedance adjustment equipment to supply a load with the Rf power output efficiently.
It consists of another case and raises shieldability respectively. It's possible to be replacement of the unit and change the adjustment area easily.
A frequency is 4 kinds, 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 40.68MHz and 60.00MHz.

Solid state power generator
CW operation
Possible to combine with manual impedance matching box
Power meter (Analog)
High stability (Crystal oscillator)
▲Combination ▲Bisection ▲Combination(Rear view)

Model T161-46◆◆R T161-46◆◆R-80
Output Power 40W 80W
Frequency 13.56MHz/27.12MHz/40.68MHz/60.00MHz *Which one
Frequency Stability Less than ±0.1%
Oscillation Method Crystal oscillator
Output Power Stability Less than ±1%
Output Impedance 50Ω
Analog Power Meter Progressive/ Reflected wave 100W F.S. (Switching)
Protective Function Excessive reflection, Abnormal temperature
Output Connector BNC-FEMALE
Power Supply AC85 - 230V 1φ 50Hz/60Hz 100VA
Cooling Method Forced air cooling
Size W100×H130×D325(mm)
Weight(kg) 2.8kg *Without metal fittings
◆◆Frequency number according to the output frequency

□Example of the Matching Box specifications
Model T029-4613R T029-4627R T029-4640R T029-4660R
Frequency 13.56MHz 27.12MHz 40.68MHz 60.00MHz
Matching Circuit Reverse L-type
MATCH(Cp) Max 800p Max 400p Max 400p Max 250p
TUNE(Cs) Max 400p Max 250p Max 250p Max 250p
Inductor 1.4μH 0.58μH 0.24μH 0.08μH
Matching Range R:3Ω - 20Ω   j:±40 ※Standard (TBD)
Maximum Design Value Voltage: Max 1kV、Current: Max 3A
Input Connector BNC-FEMALE
Output Connector N-FEMALE / Copper plate *Exchangeable
Size W100×H130×D325(mm)
Weight(kg) 2.4kg *Without metal fittings