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IISO9001 acquired.
ISO9001 is acquired.
January, 2005
■Broadband Fourie Transform NMR Spectrometer PROTⅢ series
Recently, NMR technology has not only been used for analyses of materials in physics and chemistry, but has also applied to NMR imaging in medical and life sciences.
THAMWAY has long provided various universities and national research institutions with RF equipment for NMR systems, such as modulators, receivers and pulse generators to meet the customer's needs.
Now we also provide the Broadband Fourie Transform NMR Spectrometer as the PROTⅢ Series, achieving total system NMR spectrometers.
Transmission and receive part of PROTⅢ are stored in the 19 inches rack case.

The component parts of PROTⅢ series
【Computer unit】
Various kinds of pulse sequences can be set with a PC and its data is transferred to a pulse generator. After that, the computer unit shifts into receiver mode, A/D converts a signal output from the receiver, and displays measurement results of T1, T2 and FFT after acquiring data. You can print them out and save the data, including measurement conditions, to a disk.

【Pulse generator unit】
Various pulse sequences for pulse NMR can be set with a PC. (USB connection)

【Modulator unit】
The unit modulates an RF signal inputted from a reference signal generator and outputs it according to the pulse sequence set by the generator. At the time of pulse modulation, the phase of signal carrier can be set to 0deg/ 90deg/ 180deg/ 270deg.

【Receiver unit】
This unit consists of a preamplifier and a receiver. The preamplifier offers high gain of 30dB, low noise, and a very short dead time. The receiver offers high gain and a short dead time as does the pre-amplifier. A coherent received signals is obtained by a reference signal from a phase shifter. Received IF signal after frequency convertor is being processed by digital.

* 【Pulse generator unit】,【Modulator unit】and【Receiver unit】are in one case.

【Remote controller】
This unit can control Frequency, TX output level, Receiver gain, receiver filter, Reception phase and our N146 series power amplifiers for NMR.

【Switch unit】
This unit consists of a cross diode and wideband divider. The cross diode does switching signal of send and receive and reduces noize. The wideband divider provides the probe with an RF signal to the probe and an NMR signal to the pre-amplifier. Using a duplexer can suppress passage loss.

【Power amplifier unit】(Option)
You can used in combination with Our power amplifiers for NMR like N146 series.

This is a magnet system designed to generate a homogeneous magnetic field and lower the consumption of liquid helium for solid state NMR and other magnetic measuring.

Frequency range1MHz - 800MHz
Frequency resolution10Hz
Reference frequency stability10MHz±1.0ppm (0℃ - 50℃)
Transmission unit
Phase modulationQuadrature phase shift keying (0,π/2,π,3π/2)
Level adjustmentLEVEL setting 0 - 1023(Linear voltage)
Receiving unit
Preamplifier gain30dB
Preamplifier NFLess than 2.5dB
Receiver gain0 - 90dB/1dB step +40dB(fixed)
OutputSIN/COS ±1.0V (High impedance)
Dead timeLess than 6µs (1MHz)
IF frequency25MHz
Reference phase adjustment360°
Phase resolution0.1°
Video filter100Hz - 1MHz/19 steps
A/D conversion Unit
Received IF signal input Freq.25MHz
Operation clock100MHz division ratio 128 max
Remote controller
Frequency settingManually set arbitarilly (Digital display)
Output power settingManually set arbitarilly (Digital display)
Output powerDigital display
Reflected powerDigital display
Receive gainManually set arbitarilly (Digital display)
Receive video filterManually set arbitarilly (Digital display)
Reference signal phaseManually set arbitarilly (Digital display)
Pulse generator
Output channelTRG/TX1 monitor, For amplifier TX2/METER, AUX1 - 4
Pulse width20ns - 1ms
Resolution10ns (By pulse width)
Hardware integration count65,535 max
Repetition time1ms - 30,000s
Pulse setting itemComb pulse width/interval/number,
1'st/2'nd pulse width, Tj/τ time,
Repeat time, Average number,
QPSK, Tj or τ increase time
Display functionOscilloscope, Integration range,
Integration value/log plot, FFT,
Integral numerical value
Size, Weight
Main bodyW482xH132.6xD450mm 10.5kg(approx.)
Remote controllerW270xH66.2xD181.3mm 1.5kg(approx.)
Switch unitW300xH53xD130mm 1.0kg(approx.)