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IISO9001 acquired.
ISO9001 is acquired.
January, 2005
The NMR/MRI systems is composed of various RF signal. This is one of the field that THAMWAY's expertise is taken advantage.

■Wide area: From liquid to solid in spectrum analysis and all nucleus
■All solid state: Adopting MOS FET
■Wide band: Up to 1GHz
■High reliability: A plenty of result proves a high reliability
■Low noise: Built-in the high speed bias gate, minimizing noise
■Detection: Adopting direct and heterodyne method
■Total designation: From the phase controlled RF output to the
  receiving process of the FID signal
■Low price: In serialization of bands, realizing low price

NMR equipments (Example of product)
RF signal generator N152-201BA
PSK modulator N103-1049B 1M - 200MHz QPSK
Pulse modulator N091-1059A AM pulse
Pulse generator N210-1026E USB
N210-1026S GPIB
N210-1026T TCP
NMR power amplifier N146-554AA 1M - 400MHz/300W
Probe N010-5577A
Switch unit N122-554AA
Duplexer N120-3044A Assorted of frequency range
N120-3024A Wide band type, Assorted of frequency range
Preamplifier N141-304AA Assorted of frequency range
N141-206AA For low temperature
Heterodyne receiver N320-804AC 1M - 400MHz, Double heterodyne
Reference signal phaseshifter N072-106AA 15M - 480MHz
A/D converter N230-1425A Resolution: 14bit
Unit type receiver N141-5059A 1'st AMP
N141-5059B 2'nd AMP
N113-1066F PSD
N144-1014A DC AMP
N072-1066C REF-P/S
Analog averager N030-1014B BOXCAR
Impedance analyzer T300-1049A Refrection mesurments: S11
Software PROTⅢ NMR spectrometer

Frequency range of NMR spectrometer systems