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ISO9001 is acquired.
ISO9001 is acquired.
January, 2005

■About all products of THAMWAY
・All the products of THAMWAY are delivered after going through a strict inspection process.
・All the products of THAMWAY are manufactured after we receive the order.
・All the products of THAMWAY can correspond to OEM.
■External shapes
・We use JIs standard racks of 19 or 24 inches.
・If there is a request, we can manufacture in other shapes
・Please inquire to our agency by e-mail.
■The time for delivery
・Normal time for delivery period takes about 1 to 2 months.
・However it may take longer depending on the type of product.
・The period of the product warranty is one year after delivering it. Thamway will repair the product for free according to the warranty policy if the malfunction is caused by the product design. Please return the product to us for in house repair. If you request a field service, Thamway will charge the expense for the field service including transportation and accommodation. The field service charge will be also applied within the warranty period. The repair period depends on the degree of damage of the product. Please allow us ample time for repair.
・Thamway assumes no risk whatsoever as to the results of the use of this product. The entire risk with use of the product is that of the buyer. Thamway disclaims all other warranties, respecting the product, expressed or implied, including but not limited to those related to the product’s merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Thamway shall not be liable for any direct, special, consequential or incidental loss, damage or expense related to the use of the product. No person has any authority to alter any of these conditions or to bind Thamway to any additional responsibility or warranty in connection with the use of the product.
■Maintenance service
Our products are eligible for receiving a maintenance service from our company after the warranty period.(Actual expense will be charged.)
■Documents included
Delivery specifications
It is possible to submit it when is the offer beforehand. (Actual expense will be charged.)
Completion drawing
It is possible to submit it when is the offer beforehand. (Actual expense will be charged.)
Users manual
A copy will be attached to a set of product. It is possible to add it. (Actual expense will be charged.)
Report of test result
It is possible to submit it when is the offer beforehand. (Actual expense will be charged.)
■Product inspection
The inspection we perform according to our standard will be final.
If there is any request, we can perform inspection using other test standard ortest method with the presence of the requesting party. (Actual expense will be charged.)
■Packing and delivery
Sending out to foreign countries claims actual expenses.
Please bear the cost related to the import like the tariff etc.
Specifications and external shapes of the products listed here may subject to change without notice for the improvement of products.