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ISO9001 acquired.
ISO9001 is acquired.
January, 2005
■12/23/34/68 Series

12 Series : 50k - 299kHz
23 Series :200k - 999kHz
34 Series :800k - 2999kHz
68 Series : 10M - 100MHz
The 12,23,34,68 Series is suitable for applications in industrial fields such as dielectric heating, RF plasma, ultrasonic cleaning, metal/plastic welding and fabrication, chemical analysis, medical thermal therapy, oscillator units in accelerators, and more.

THAMWAY creates highly reliable designs for our Power Generators with our advanced expertise in RF technolory so that they have superior stability of frequency and output that are key to performance and will not be damaged by assumed assumed load conditions. As a result, we can gurantee maintenance-free operation and high reliability.

Our RF generators have ALC circuits that consistently enable it to generate stable output.

We manufacture our RF Power Generators to various operational conditions such as cooling method (forced air or water cooling) and output waveform (continuous or pulse modulation). Our company also manufactures an Impedance Matching Box for each Power Generators.

→Please refer to the section on Impedance Matching Boxes.

■6A/6B/6C/7A Series

6A Series :13.56MHz
6B Series :27.12MHz
6C Series :40.68MHz
7A Series :60.00MHz
Applications for RF POWER SOURCE include induction heating, RF plasma, ultrasonic cleaning, metal/plastic welding and fabrication, chemical analysis, medical thermal therapy, and in oscillator units for accelerators. Various industrial fields need RF POWER SOURCE.

Each RF POWER SOURCE offered by THAMWAY has a built-in power amplifier. The available frequencies are 13.56MHz (6A), 27.12MHz(6B), 40.68MHz(6C), and 60.00MHz(7A). Please select the power level from a wide range to fit your specification.

THAMWAY's RF POWER SOURCE has excellent stability of frequency and power output. Our power source is very reliable and will not malfunction under assumed load conditions. THAMWAY guarantees trouble-free operation. Our RF POWER SOURCE has a crystal oscillator and ALC circuits to generate stable power output at any time. It is possible to attach a second or third oscillation unit to a single power source. OEM models are also available.

We tailor our products to your specific operational conditions. Please specify the cooling method (forced-air or water cooling), the output waveform (continuous or pulse), and other specifications when you place your order.

THAMWAY also manufactures an impedance matching box for each power product and caribrates its load conditions to meet the customer's request. Please contact us for details.

The specifications and the exterior view of the product may be changed without notification.

■S Series 13.56MHz
THAMWAY's S Series RF POWER SOURCE has various power output levels at the frequency of 13.56MHz.

We have designed and developed the series to achieve highly efficient, compact, and low price class D/E amplifiers.

■H Series 13.56/27.12/40.68/60.00MHz
     (With attached automatic impedance matching box is attached)
THAMWAY's H Series RF POWER SOURCE has output frequencies of 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 40.68MHz, or 60.00MHz. There are various power output levels available for the products.

The H Series comes with an impedance matching box which performs the matching process manually or automatically. We design and developed the H Series for its compactness and low cost. We tailor the exterior case to your preference.

■Variable Frequency of RF Power Generator   T162-6344C
The T162-6344C is a RF Generator for pulse modulation, which outputs at a maximum 2kW in the 2MHz band.

This Power Generator has three transmitters generating signals whose frequency and power output are independently variable, and its signals can be switched rapidly by an external signal.

For more stable power output, we can offer an optional extra feedback control with high power by connecting tube amplifiers and the Directional Couplers (T051-7944A) to the post-stage of the Power Generator. We can also offer a solid state High Power RF Power Generator by replacing the tube amplifier with the RF Pulse Amplifier for Ion Generator (T146-7844A).

■Variable Frequency of RF Power Generator
      T162-7844A(60kW)・T162-8144A(120kW) (Pulsed output)
The T162-7844A(60kW) and T162-8144A(120kW) are high power RF pulse modulated Power Generators which consist of an oscillator unit, an output control unit, a power amplifier unit, a power combining unit, a PLC control unit.

■Variable Frequency of RF Power Generator   T162-7034AIC
The T162-7034AIC is a maintenance free, solid state Variable Frequency of RF Power Generator.

The frequency can be set by a switch on the front panel, as a signal generator is built into the Power Generator.

The Power Generator has various built-in protection circuits preventing it from over reflected power, temperature anomalies.