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ISO9001 acquired.
ISO9001 is acquired.
January, 2005

Our RF transformer is based on a number of THAMWAY RF technologies.
Transformer classification varies according to purpose.
T011: STEP UP TRANSFORMER: Steps up the input signal
T012: ISOLATION TRANSFORMER: DC isolation between input and output,balance-unbalance conversion
T013: IMPEDANCE TRANSFORMER: Impedance matching in RF transmission lines:50Ω-75Ω conversion

■DIVIDER/COMBINER (0deg / 90deg HYB)

Our RF DIVIDER/COMBINER came about from a variety of THAMWAY RF systems and designs. Division and composition of RF POWER occurs at a low loss. The product can be manufactured to specifications such as 0deg /90deg /2-way /4-way.


We design and manufacture various filters such as the Low-Pass Filters, Band-Pass Filters, High-Pass Filters and Band-Elimination Filters. Within our range of manufacturing, frequency of DC to 3GHz and RF power up to 3kw is possible.


The DIRECTIOAL COUPLER developed from many of our RF systems. FWD and REV can be measured due to low loss. It is possible to use it to measure power output and can be designed to conform to specifications.


The basic function of the DOUBLE BALANCED MIXER (DBM) is as an analog multiplier of two-input/one-output. It multiplies on the temporalaxis when the RF signal is input to the RF terminal and the LO terminal respectively, and the frequency shift action is carried out as a result. Moreover, it becomes a gate circuit or an inverting circuit by inputting ON-OFF signals or a positive and negative two-pole signal to the IF terminal. It aiso becomes an attenuation circuit by the DC voltage input to the IF terminal. It can be designed to client specifications.


The RF-SW turns the input RF signal on and off at high speed according to the external control signal. It is used for the pulse modulator, etc. It can be designed to client specifications.

This is a voltage control-type variable attenuator composed of a pin diode. The amount of attenuation can be continuously changed by the external DC control voltage.


The amount of attenuation can be set with the push button switch in 1dB steps, and this equipment can be set up to 45dB. It is very easy to use because the amount of attenuation that lights the push-button and the settings are displayed.

This device alters the amount of attenuation between input and output of the 50Ω impedance system in 1dB increments viathe front panel key control or a GP-IB interface.